Nonprofit Partnerships & Textile Composting Project Updates!

Hi there! Ericka here with a textile composting update for you.

It's been an exciting few months getting the project established. In this time, we've created a partnership with another local nonprofit, Rosebud Continuum, a sustainability education center. Rosebud has generously donated a piece of land for us to conduct our first scaling of our textile composting project! We also have an intern from the Patel College of Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida helping us compost, take data, and oversee the project.

Back in March, we submitted a proposal for our project and just this month, we started our first wind rows.

April 29, 2021 - Go to Rosebud Continuum and survey place for us to compost. Below is Ericka checking out the site and taking first measurements to make the scene our own.

From here, we submitted a blueprint of rows and measurements and configurations for how to maximize space here with our project.

June 24 - July 1 --- Wind row parameters are done!

Thanks to the help of TR at Rosebud, we have a designated space for us and our project. Due to Rosebud's outdoor classroom layout, we designed our wind rows to fit a certain space in the Is this compostable? Demonstration Area.

On July 1, we put old cotton sheets down as landscape fabric to keep weeds down and covered them with mulch. We were also fortunate to have some help from the LYF group who visits Rosebud every week, too!

Setting up our wind rows with cotton landscape fabric and mulch.

Once the space is primed, the next step is to add the shredded fabric, food scraps, paper shredding, and other green and brown matter in an alternating fashion. We layer it in the rows sort of like a sever layer dip. Then cover with a generous amount of mulch to keep pests out and smells in. The mulch top layer also acts like a lid on boiling pot to help trap the heat inside encouraging the compounds to break down and decompose. For our first fabric compost scaling, we folded 38 lbs of cotton into the food scraps and earth.

Now, like with any compost, we check back every week and wait a few months to see how it breaks down!

Stay tuned!

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