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The Sewist Society is founded on these beliefs

+ Sewing is a valuable trade, and sewists should be treated with respect and dignity

+ Fabric waste is pervasive and there is no reliable way to recycle it.

We have created a way to address the fabric waste in our community, by diverting it to create jobs for sewists, resources and education for composting and projects you can do at home.

You can join the society over at Patreon!

The Sewist Society is a community hub for all things sewing. We have a knowledge and educational share program, a Materials Packet fabric subscription, and special handmade gifts. 

Become a patron today!

$7/month - Society Member

Receive an educational video every month about sewing, mending, quilting, composting textiles, fabric recycling, and more.

Read blog posts and share stories as they relate to fabric, craftivism, recycling, the environment, #whomademyclothes, compost, sewing, and all things textile.

$17/month - A Variety of Fibers

The Variety of Fibers tier is for the hobbyist and seasoned sewists alike.

In addition to educational videos and content, Patrons will also receive Materials Packets including: up to 1.5 yards of fabric.

Working on a quilt and want some fun squares? Constructing an underwater themed tapestry and need some coral looking fabric? Making a stuffed animal? Perhaps designing a patchwork dress? 

Join The Variety of Fibers and broaden your horizons.

$27/month - Sewist Sustainer

As a Sustainer, please enjoy all the content, videos, fabric for all your amazing projects, AND quarterly gifts from The Sewist Society shop!

Gifts include, but are not limited to, tote bags, bowties, aprons, patches, and more!

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