An Update from Ericka Leigh

Hi there, Ericka here. I just wanted to share an update with you all as we've been a little quite this past month. It's kind of been a whirlwind of a season and a year already, ya know, and rest is important, too. In between making masks, moving, healing, painting, moving again, brainstorming, and just trying to stay sane during a global pandemic, we somehow managed to form The Sewist Society.

Here’s a brief timeline of what I can recall… We filed our paperwork with the IRS for The Sewist Society on June 23rd. I found a kitten in my backyard that same week. I moved into my second new apartment on July 6th. My back went out on me for the first time somewhere in between. We started a GoFundMe. We fundraised through our networks. We built our website and Patreon. We wrote and we wrote and we wrote throughout all of it. Our IRS nonprofit paperwork was 42 pages. We wrote a 10-page business plan. We wrote the series for Compost Conversations. We wrote blogs and captions. And then we rested.

We have other businesses, as well, and they all complement each other, which is really what led us to the formation of The Sewist Society in the first place. It’s been a wild ride these last four months or so. We were just go go go for a while. I’m realizing as I write this that we kind of slowed momentum after we received our 501(c)3 status. I suppose that recognition, that paper telling us we did it, was the permission we needed to allow ourselves rest after that sprint of creation and birth.

Here’s some of what you can expect from The Sewist Society as we continue to grow… More compost videos. I love compost. Compost is amazing. Compost can save the planet and I’ll share all the ways with you how. We’ll also have a sewing video series teaching how to do visible mending; how to make your own clothes and how to alter other clothes; how to create your own pattern and more. More blogs! We have a lot to say about sustainability, fashion, women’s rights and women’s work, the environment and our role within her bounds. I’m also personally interested in better understanding the interconnectedness of our agriculture system and how that relates to everything else in our life. Since the inception of The Sewist Society, I’ve been gently reminded that nothing operates in a silo and reminded that we are the agents of the change we so strongly desire.

I’ve been reading Jane Fonda’s book, What can I do? and it’s been very inspiring. It’s kind of like a textbook. We have a Zoom meeting with Jane this week to talk about climate change, actually. She’s joining our book club for this one meeting. I’ve also been listening to the podcasts How to save a planet and Wardrobe Crisis, both of which have been super insightful while the hosts tackle tough topics each week. The more you know, right?

Oh! And we're having a plant sale fundraiser this weekend. We used the muslin and hair in the base of the pots with compost and soil, too.

For everyone who has been a part of this journey so far, thank you so much! And stay tuned, so much info coming your way!

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